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“I thought when I met my ex-husband that he was a kind, gentle, and loving man. I never felt afraid around him. We have many shared memories of love and happiness. His controlling behavior started right around the time we were married. He started dictating my outfits and always questioning when I would text a friend or family member. That turned into him choosing my friends for me, my family had become distant under his control and I had to ask permission on what I could wear outside the house. He started screaming at the little things. Belittling me when I had the courage to speak my opinion. He was the sole income for our house. What was I supposed to do? I had nowhere to go and no money to get anywhere. The physical abuse and accusations of cheating didn’t start until I conceived our first child. He refused to believe me when I denied his claims that our child wasn’t his. One night his beating was so bad I almost miscarried. That’s when I decided enough was enough. No one could hurt my baby, so I left. This is why I’m forever grateful I decided to seek out the Wichita Family Crisis Center. Without them who knows if my child or myself would be here today.” — Ashley, Survivor

The Wichita Family Crisis Center opened Wichita’s first emergency shelter for survivors of domestic violence in 1976. Since then, we have worked diligently to help survivors of domestic violence through our shelter and outreach programs. In the last year, The Wichita Family Crisis Center answered nearly 1,500 crisis hotline calls and served over 1,600 men, women and children.

Your participation in the winner’s choice raffle provides us with the resources we need to operate. We could not provide these services to survivors, like Ashley, without your support.

Your raffle ticket purchase could provide:

One Ticket-

  • One week of transportation assistance: $60
  • Two Welcome kits (toiletries) for women entering shelter: $60

Two Tickets-

  • Provide one month of transportation assistance: $120
  • Provide twelve meals for a mother and child: $120

Three Tickets-

  • Provide art, play and support groups for 3 children: $150
  • Assist with food and other basic needs for two weeks: $150

Winner will be drawn live at noon, November 16, 2018 on our Facebook Page!